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I've been playing around with 2015-Apr-27

Wearing Shorts


I've Multicolor Printed Pony Dartata 100mm been playing around with shorts lately. I've been covering my legs all fall and winter and most of spring, so it's time to break free!


On a spur of the moment shopping Brown Leather Dartata 100mm trip to Topshop, I noticed (before exiting bag less) a flash of neon blue colored pants. I couldn't help but be won Black Suede Zepita 100mm over by loud blue color. I thought of all the different ways I could wear them, and how they would still look great in the fall with super heavy black tights. I thought wearing something pink and cropped would compliment the shorts.


My lighter washed jean shorts are only a recent favorite of mine. I wore them while strolling through the forest near my home. I love how they fray at the edges; they have a very worn in feel, which is something I look for when shopping. Since this pair is Black Leather Troop 120mm super short, I felt the need to prep up my outfit with a simple button up and classic boots.

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Where are the African Americans2015-Apr-27

Where are the African Americans


Sunday mornings, then the most least diverse time in America is during a period every four years at the end of the summer: the Republican National Convention.


blacks and other people of color mysteriously disappeared. Reporters have been calling me, practically begging me to find them some blacks to interview for their various media outlets. Is this really the 21st century? I have not been showered with this much attention since I was a little baby!


But even more alarming than the lack of blacks as convention attendees, delegates or Mitt Romney staff members is the lack of blacks in the pipeline to be future party operatives. Bush, there was a pipeline of other African Americans who worked for the Republican National Committee in the headquarters, staffers who worked for Reagan, etc. We are Purple Suede Equestria 160mm now some of the most experienced operatives in the game; many of us have our own firms or work for corporate America. Unfortunately, we are never consulted on party issues unless there is an overtly black angle or, more typically, someone in the party leadership has done something stupid and they expect us to go on camera to provide cover. Those of us with integrity have never allowed ourselves to be used in such a manner, though, some blacks have.


Today, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus doesn appear to have any African Americans in significant decision making positions on his staff. The same can Black Leather Flanavec 120mm be said for the Senate and House campaign committees. So, where will the next generation of black political operatives come from?


If there are no blacks in these pipelines, then the party has made the decision that there will be no blacks in the party future. Imagine there were no college football programs; where would the NFL get its players from? Who would provide players for their future?


The Republican line is that the overwhelming majority of blacks will vote for Obama because he is African American. I find this thinking extremely insulting as a black Republican. The reason the majority of blacks will Suede Equestria 160mm vote for Obama is because Republicans have not given African Americans a reason to vote for Republicans or Romney.


A Wall Black Leather Equestria 160mm Street Journal poll earlier this week showed Romney polling at zero percent of the black vote. (A Washingotn Post poll found that 4 percent of black registered voters would choose Romney) How is that even mathematically possible?


I am embarrassed at the lack of diversity at this convention. Have the Republicans not noticed the demographic changes that are taking place in this country? Numerically, there are not enough old, white, balding males to win a national election.


The sad thing is that many of the party leaders agree with me in private conversations, but over the years, they have done absolutely nothing to address this issue. When all is said and done, there has been more said than done when it comes to changing the whiteness of the party.


In the immortal words of the Doobie Brothers: a fool believes, no wise man has the power to reason away; what seems to be is always better than nothing at all. the Republican Party think they can continue to have a white strategy for electoral victory, what a fool!

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Why Coach Stock Is Poised for a Comeback2015-Apr-27

Why Coach Stock Is Poised for a Comeback


Coach trades at a discount to rivals in the space. Shares look reasonably priced today compared to industry rivals such as Michael Kors. Coach, for example, has a price to earnings ratio of 14.55, which is well below the industry average of 19.17. Kors stock, on the other hand, looks expensive with a P/E ratio north of 31. Nevertheless, Coach's stock has fallen 37% during the past two years, whereas the S 500 gained 35% and shares Suede Mrs Baba 100mm of Michael Kors climbed 110% in the same period.Profit declines and deflated same store sales in recent quarters were to blame for Coach's fall from grace. Since 2011, Coach has generated an average growth rate of just 9%, whereas Kors has grown its North American sales by more than 50% nearly every quarter over the same period. China looks particularly promising. Coach's Chinese sales grew by as much as 25% in the company's fiscal 2014 second quarter. Better still, its China business is on track to generate around $530 million in sales this year.Management should also be able to achieve higher operating margins in China going forward as it continues to drive down costs and grow its presence in the region. In addition to the Asian market, Coach is also expanding its operations in Europe, where it currently operates 24 stores. Moreover, the luxury retailer hopes to grow its customer base by adding new product lines to its merchandise mix.A fresh product mixCoach is rebranding itself as a so called lifestyle brand by focusing moreheavilyon product categories such as shoes and apparel a strategy that has worked well for Kors. This new product mix should help Coach boost its revenue in the quarters to come. On top of Purple Suede Mrs Baba 100mm this, the company continues to successfully grow its men's business. Sales from its men's segment currently make up just 10% of the business. However, this category is growing at a breakneck pace, with men's sales up 50% last year to $600 million.During the company's fiscal second quarter, Coach's new chief executive officer, Victor Luis, said, "We have taken the initial steps in Coach's transformation across all aspects of the consumer experience product, stores, and marketing." Growth in emerging markets such as China, together with a new product mix and a focus on becoming a lifestyle brand, should act as catalysts for the stock going Black Suede Pigalle Botta 120mm forward. With the stock now trading below $50 a share, I believe this is an attractive entry point for patient investors.Nine winning dividend stocks you can't afford to missAnother great thing about Coach stock is that it pays a dividend. And one thing every investor should know is the fact that dividend stocks as a group handily outperform their non dividend paying brethren. Nevertheless, Coach is still in the midst of a turnaround, which means there are better dividend stocks available for your portfolio today. That's why you'll want to check out this new FREE report from The Motley Fool which uncovers in detail which dividend stocks in particular are the best. Here is the that should be in every income investor's portfolio today. Simplyto get your free copy while it is still available.Tamara Rutter has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends and owns shares of Coach and Michael Kors Holdings. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we Black Strass Pigalle Botta 120mm all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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Youths and men attacked man with baseball bats 2015-Apr-27

Youths and men attacked man with baseball bats in Pluto Close


Nine thugs who took part in a brutal Leather Flanavec 120mm street attack on a man in St Peter Leicester and later refused to say why they had done it Black Suede Mrs Baba 100mm have appeared in court.


The young men, some in their teens and some in their 20s, attacked their victim in Pluto Close in June 2011.


took this case very seriously, investigated it thoroughly, and brought those responsible to justice. Inspector Black Suede Interlopa 160mm Bill Knopp, commander of the Spinney Hills police, said: incident caused a considerable amount of concern for local residents.


responded with large numbers of officers so that we could be sure there would be no further disorder that evening, and so that we could catch those responsible and begin the criminal investigation.


would like to thank members of the local community who supported us and helped us complete that investigation.


convictions will send a message to the community and contribute to making St Peter a safer area. Leicestershire Red Suede Interlopa 160mm Police today released the defendants details:

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Phil Collins' Comeback Concert in Miami2015-Apr-27

Phil Collins' Comeback Concert in Miami


In 2009, Collins suffered a spinal injury. "Somehow during the last Genesis tour, I dislocated some vertebrae in my upper neck and that affected my hands," he explained at the time. "After a successful operation on my neck, my hands still can't function normally. Maybe in a year or so it will change, but for now it is impossible for me to play drums or piano."


Two years later, he officially retired. And even now, after nearly a half decade away from the stage and the spotlight, it seems the Genesis member and solo rocker still isn't entirely fit for, as his reps explain, "a full on Phill Collins show."


Over the years, Collins has denied that the spinal injury, reported depression, or a creative block are the cause of his absence. Instead, he's simply insisted: "I am stopping so I can be a full time father to my two young sons on a daily basis."


But last May, the drummer singer stoked rumors of his return to performing and touring when he played two surprise songs, "In the Air Tonight" and "Land of Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Confusion," as part of his sons' Miami Country Day School concert.


The hopes of Collins and Genesis fans were further inflated by the recent revelation that he would be headlining the annual benefit gala for the Little Dreams Foundation, a youth scholarship and mentoring program created by he and his ex wife, Orianne Collins Mejjati cheap nfl jerseys scheduled for December 6 at the Fillmore Miami Beach.


It seemed that Phil Collins was finally making a comeback. But unfortunately, that's not the case.


"I will be performing three or four Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys songs semi acoustically, and maybe one more with my 13 year old Cheap NFL Jerseys CHINA son Nicolas on drums," Collins writes in Facebook statement meant to dispel any expectations of anything other than a 15 minute guest appearance.

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